Starting Off

Make up plays a big part in my life, it is not something I wear everyday but it is something that I have a passion about. going to school I always feel empty without wearing a bit of make up. It is not that I am not confident but i am self conscious as to what others will think and how I see myself. no body is perfect but for me wearing a bit of make up makes me feel a little bit closer to perfection. On this bog I want to review make up product and help people chose the right products for them. As I am still a student and have a smaller budget, I hope to help girls like me find the right products at a good price, a not waste money to a useless product. I have been through the struggles of finding good drug store or cheap make up that doesn't look ridiculous on me. Please leave a comment below of what you think i should review for you or write about. Also feel please share the blog with others!!

Online Heaven

As a student it is easier to buy everything in a drug store where it is in your price range and good quality. Below I put some websites that sell online good brand make up suck as NARS and Benefit Cosmetics. These websites do not always sell the branded items at lower price but get to them in the sale and you will be amazed!! Most of these websites, if not all ship free worldwide. Cult beauty LookFantastic      Nordstrom Beauty Bridge Kiss and Make Up Cherry Culture  (Is said to be one of the most affordable websites but is currently closed) Adore Beauty Sephora Please comment any other websites you use for affordable make up. I would love to know!